UnBlink Studio by Jackie Tahara - Pattern Designer

UnBlink Studio was founded by me, Jackie Tahara, in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, where I am happily surrounded by mountains, forests, beaches and the Pacific Ocean. If I’m not working in my garden studio, I might be going for a run, cooking really good Indian food (if I do say so myself!), or gathering inspiration from the natural surroundings of my West Coast home. Once COVID-19 is a memory, I hope to resume taking trips with my family to somewhere we've always wanted to go, but with a deeper understanding of the privilege of being able to travel freely, meeting new people and learning about other landscapes, histories and cultures.

I am inspired by: the retro patterns of the 50's, 60's and 70's; Scandinavian design; the intricate patterns of William Morris and Josef Frank; and the landscapes, textiles and craft traditions I have seen throughout my extensive international travels (think: aloha shirts, jewel-toned silk saris, Indonesian batiks and weavings, Japanese kimonos, Middle Eastern tile-work, indigo dyeing and Mexican folk art, to name but a few!) My eyes are always open and I intend to never stop learning and exploring.

Selected collaborations include: PicCollage, PI Creative Art, iCanvas, ArtWallAmber Lotus Publishing, Wakefield Design Studio, They Draw & Cook, Palphot Marketing, Freeheart Drinkware, Langford Law. My designs are also offered for sale on many wonderful print-on-demand products at: Spoonflower, and Society6.

Media shouts: World of Interiors MagazineUppercase Magazine, YAM MagazineMOYO Magazine and on the Spoonflower Blog, and the world-renowned Print & Pattern Blog on several occasions. I was included in the 3rd edition of the Uppercase Surface Pattern Design Guide (Issue #41, April 2019), featuring "the best in up-and-coming surface pattern designers", and my work was displayed in the Adobe Textile Designer Booth at ITMA Barcelona (June 2019) and at the Adobe Design to Print Booth at the Adobe Max 2019 Conference in Los Angeles, CA (Nov 2019).


Many people have asked me: "Why UnBlink Studio?" When I was deciding on a name for my studio, I wanted something a bit edgy or unusual, something that would catch attention because it wasn't "quite right". I thought about UnBlink because it's not actually a real word. "Blink" and "unblinking" are words, but not "UnBlink". And I thought that if someone was not blinking, then by definition they would be staring. A person might stare because they are studying something fascinating or beautiful; they might stare off into space thinking deeply about something; or they might stare at nothing at all in a zen-like state. I liked all these connotations...thus the name!


I also license my designs, so if you would like to discuss licensing my designs for use on your products, or collaborating with me on your project, please contact me. I invite you to view my PORTFOLIO & LICENSING WEBSITE to see many more of my designs!


World of Interiors Magazine, Wild & Precious Conversations Podcast, YAM Magazine, Uppercase Magazine, PI Creative Art Catalog, Spoonflower Magazine, MOYO Magazine, Print & Pattern Blog, Spoonflower Blog

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*Photo of me by Jeffrey Bosdet.